Rinheat has delivered a new reboiler upperpart to Holmen Paper Hallsta

Rinheat has recently supplied Holmen Paper Hallsta with a replacement of the upper part of one of the mills reboilers, where the acid-resistant lower part of the existing reboiler was kept and the shell and heating surface of the upper part were replaced with a completely new one. In addition, the design of the reboiler was updated to correspond today’s design, and due to that Rinheat also has supplied the reboiler water circulation piping.

In every project it is good to remember that the project is more than just delivered equipment – it is big picture that aims for a successful result and a satisfied customer. The cooperation with Rinheat and Hallsta paper mill started already before the actual project. The mill contacted Rinheat regarding a problem with the capacity and the function of the reboiler. After discussions and consulting with Rinheat’s experienced technical personal a solution was found, which led to the mill investing in a new reboiler upperpart.

The order was received in March 2022, and the installation and start-up of the reboiler took place during November 2022. Due to the really tight installation schedule, there were some bigger challenges but those were rapidly defeated because of the good co-operation and communication with the Customer and the Contractors.


“We have five reboilers and to achieve a good steam recovery is of very importance in our process. In 2021 we suddenly lost a lot of capacity in one of our reboilers and we started an investigation together with Rinheat to locate the problem. The conclusion was that evaporation on clean side was low depending on clogged gaps and a new reboiler was needed. We needed quick actions and Rinheat presented the solution to only change the upper part on exiting, the advantage was faster delivery and shorter installation and less axillary equipment had to be changed. The project was a success and we have had a very good co-operation during the whole process”

Erik Sandgren

Project Manager / Holmen Paper Hallsta


“We had a good change the do this project with Holmen. Atmosphere were positive, and communication was good all the time despite of the faced challenges. The Customer personnel were also really focused the common goal – to execute the project together as a co-operative Team. I think this was succeed very well and we had a good experience working with the Holmen Project organization. Therefore, all the challenges were defeated in shortest possible time and the total project outcome was good for both of the Parties, Holmen as the Customer and Rinheat Oy as the Contractor. I would personally like to thank all the participants in the project and I’m wishing to Holmen and Rinheat OY fruitful relationship in the future as well”

 Project Manager /Rinheat