The patented CC Condenser (Countercurrent Condenser) is designed for good heat transfer, small pressure drop and low pressure working conditions.
The body of CC Condenser is split into primary and secondary condensers: the smaller secondary condenser is surrounded by the larger primary condenser. In the secondary condenser the cooling water flows upwards inside the tubes and the vapor flows downwards outside the tubes. In the primary condenser the flow directions are the opposite. Thus, the complete countercurrent flow arrangement is achieved in both condensers. Methanol rich foul condensate is taken out from the secondary condenser.


Complete countercurrent flow arrangement
Low pressure drop
Low condensing temperature possible due to special design

Due to excellent heat transfer a minimum number of tubes is required and extra space can be left between the tubes. This results in a small pressure loss, low weight and building cost. The CC Condenser is designed to operate at low pressure and temperature.